Review: Szechuan Aun, Yushima – Tantanmen


“It’s like hanging out with a junkie. You’re already planning your next hit.”

My friend was surveying me with disbelief. I wasn’t paying him much attention though because I was bouncing on and off the pavement, and doing mini star jumps.

The cause of my happiness? Some really good noodles. What else?

As a matter of fact, I had eaten at Aun more than a year ago and had been itching to go back ever since. The anticipation – combined with the fact that I generally adore tantanmen – had elevated my mood to levels probably beyond that of normal human beings. I was also deliriously babbling about trying to go back the next day to eat more. Hence the druggie comparisons. I needed my next hit. Continue reading

Review: Cafe 8, Roppongi – So many penises


Have you been to the dick restaurant? is a totally legitimate question you might get asked if you’re living in Tokyo.

Cafe 8, in Roppongi, notorious foreigner playground territory, is somewhat infamous for its phallus paraphernalia, the centrepiece being an extremely large golden member. Move over, Jason, your fleece impresses me not.

The restaurant is part of a chain of  seven stores in Tokyo, serving up Chinese cuisine. It is particularly famous for the Peking duck. Which meant, when organising in a group an outing to this place, there was some confusion as to whether we were going to a “dick restaurant” or a “duck restaurant”. In this case, you can fully have your cake and it.

At least, that’s what we thought. Little did we know, the staff were going to try to take us for a ride – and not an enjoyable one at that. Continue reading

Review: Zenshutoku, Ginza; 全聚徳, 銀座

Peking duck

Peking Roast Duck

Let’s just take a moment to admire this plate of Peking Roast Duck. Succulent, flavoursome meat, all freshly sliced and piled high…

Zenshutoku is renowned for its Peking duck and it boasts that it uses the same recipe as Quanjude in Beijing, established in 1864 and considered one of the pioneers of this delicious creation. It therefore seemed the perfect to celebrate Chinese New Year and I was delighted to be invited to join classmates for a rather special meal.  Continue reading

Chinese New Year in Tokyo!


So this post is a little late, but it’s full of amazing, yummy and pretty things so… Happy Chinese New Year!

Having been woefully unaware it was approaching, I couldn’t help notice the buzz and murmurings around me at Japanese school as there are many Chinese and Taiwanese students. I decided I would celebrate in style, because I am unashamedly a wannabe Asian. This started from an early age, when I refused to eat potatoes or white bread so my mother had to feed me fried rice and noodles. I grew up on stir fries! My best friend is Taiwanese and complains about the number of food photos I take. “Why are you more Asian than me?” she moans, whilst longing to live in Europe. I, on the other hand, have spent nearly two years of my life living in or travelling Asia, and I dream of where I’ll get to visit next.

Even though I live in Japan, not China, I had an awesome Chinese New Year… by eating a wonderfully spicy dish called mapo doufu! Continue reading