Review: Bon Gout Hamburg, Kamiyamacho (Shibuya)


In Japan, one of the first things you should learn is just because a word sounds like a borrowed English word, or indeed is a borrowed English word, does NOT mean it is in fact that word.

Let’s get straight to the important difference between “hanba-ga-” and “hanba-gu”. The former is indeed a meat patty wedged in a bun; the latter a meat patty minus bread, often served on a sizzling hot plate with some kind of sweet sauce. For the sake of being easy to understand, let’s call them “hamburgers” and “hamburgs”.

It is my very professional opinion that the Japanese do hamburgers terribly, whereas hamburgs tend to be rather good. Continue reading

Review: Heiroko Sushi Okachimachi Branch – 平禄寿司 御徒町店

Kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi!

Kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi!

A miracle has happened over the past few months. A miracle that I have been trying to achieve for six years. I’ve begun to like fish.

“Oh big deal!” I can hear some of you saying. Well, it is. Continue reading

Review: Daikonman, Shimokitazawa / だいこんまん、下北沢

Okonomiyaki being fried on the griddle along the counter

Okonomiyaki being fried on the griddle along the counter

You may have noticed that I am no longer in London. Yet, location aside, my mission remains the same: find the best eateries around! And so…

Konnichiwa, Tokyo! Here I come!

I’ve been manically busy the past week in my quest to find an apartment. Many Daiwa Scholars (the scholarship programme I’m on) recommended Shimokitazawa as an area. It’s a bit like a mini-Harajuku to the west of Tokyo, popular with young people, full of trendy stores and restaurants, and with a vibrant nightlife scene. Given that I’m not much of a party person, I was definitely looking to live a little further away but within reasonable access – how can I resist the allure of an area of bounteous restaurants?

After a long day of viewing flats, I was very hungry and so was my poor Japanese ‘buddy’, who’d very kindly volunteered to assist me. We walked a few paces and she pointed at Daikonman. “Do you like okonomiyaki?” Continue reading