Dubai: Things to Eat

Oh hey everyone, apparently I wrote this a year ago and never published it! ENJOY!

This is the Pheebz Unofficial List of Things to Eat in Dubai. Go forth and eat! (Don’t disappoint me!)

1) Frying Pan Food Adventures

Emirati feast

So I may have already listed this as top of my Things to Do recommendations. That’s because eating and doing are very much interlinked for me; in fact, they’re pretty much like. Everything I do involves eating or is planned around what/when/where I can next eat. Stay tuned for the full review of Frying Pan Food Adventures because no foodie will ever want to miss a four four food marathon of amazing Middle Eastern food, would you now? Continue reading

Kota Kinabalu, Borneo – A foodie’s paradise and more


Sabah’s main city…
What to eat / What to see & do / Day trips / Where to stay/ Getting there & around

There are some cities which are the attraction and some that are merely the base from which to see the attractions. Everything I read about Kota Kinabalu lumped it in the latter category with a shout-out to the food.

In many ways, this is true. If you look at Kota Kinabalu with the tourist gaze, there are very few sparkly things to catch your eye. If you look at it, however, as a the hub of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, where people are living out their daily lives, you’ll still see a small and scruffy city, but one that has an immense vibrancy. I do not exaggerate when I say I could happily spend a few weeks there, despite a city centre so small that it’s walkable in less than 20 minutes. This praise is more than about making my stomach happy with the fantastically cheap and tasty offerings but rather there is something about the atmosphere that is very appealing. I just want to sit in a cafe and hang out. Continue reading

Review: Anmitsu Mihashi, Ueno Head Branch / あんみつみはし、上野本店

Matcha anmitsu

Matcha anmitsu

Japan is famous for sushi. And breaking out of my previous aversion for fish, I had been sampling the cheap and tasty offerings at Heiroko Sushi Okachimachi branch.

One thing Japan is not famous for is desserts. And although I have enjoyed countless desserts in Japan, I can kind of see why. Continue reading

Hello again, I’ve been drinking VERY expensive sake…


Hisashiburi desu! That’s the Japanese for “it’s been a long time!” Yesterday, I sat the wondrous Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N3… and I realised that I am still quite terrible.

So what do you say when someone asks you how it went? Well there are four answers. Read the picture from right to left now…

1) Good
2) OK
3) Difficult
4) Don’t ask. Continue reading