Chocolate ramen! Valentine’s Day limited menu – Mensho Tokyo, Korakuen


IMG_8185 (1).jpg

Nothing says romance like chocolate noodles, right?

Mensho Tokyo is serving up chocolate ramen in honour of Valentine’s Day. For just 800 yen, you can get yourself a bowl of noodles with a generous smattering of chocolate drops on top! Continue reading

Review: Tokyo Mabo Shokudo, Akasaka / 東京麻婆食堂、赤坂


We were on our way to get a sandwich from a sandwich shop.

Now, before you leap to any hasty conclusions, I should say that sandwich shops are fairly rare in Japan. Unless you head to the convenience store and pick up some dubious plastic-wrapped item, you are more likely to be heading to the noodle shop. Or the bento store. Rice. Noodles. Those are your carbs.

So heading to the sandwich shop could definitely be considered “doing something a bit different” for lunch.

I must confess that I wasn’t 100% into the idea, but the sandwich store had very positive reviews and my colleague seemed very keen as she navigated us there.

Then we crossed a street and she smelt the mabo dofu. Continue reading

Review: Uzumaki Bekkan/うずまき別館

20160107_122912Yesterday, I went to film sumo wrestlers stomping in the new year at a shrine in Tokyo.  Which was a fantastic experience.

Every year, the top-ranked sumo wrestlers go to Meiji Shrine where they perform Dezuiri – a ring entering ceremony, which involves some impressive foot-stomping and feet shuffling.  Continue reading

Review: Hacienda del Cielo, Daikanyama


I have never been to Mexico and so I can’t tell you what authentic Mexican food is.

What I can tell you is that:

  1. A Mexican friend assures me there is no actual Mexican food in London
  2. The best “Mexican food” I ever had was in an underground restaurant attached to a hotel in Brasov, Romania – see the Bella Muzica.

I’m always fairly disappointed by whatever burrito, enchilada, taco-variety I order. With that in  my mind, I wasn’t particularly hopeful for my chances in Tokyo.

However, I had heard of Haciendo del Cielo, ensconced in Daikanyama, one of Tokyo’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Continue reading