Bacon Fat Sizzle Time: Making Brunch in Tokyo – UK-Style!

BRUNCH. And wooden crocodile.

BRUNCH. And wooden crocodile.

There comes a point where a Japanese breakfast doesn’t quite cut it. Grabbing a rice ball from the convenience store. Or raw egg and fermented soy beans on rice. Or that dubious pastry from a dubiously named ‘German’ bakery stocked with even more dubious ‘French items’,  such as Croque Monsieurs.

Or maybe, it’s just the point where you want sausages. Proper, meaty sausages. Or you’re craving bacon so badly that you’d happily wear its scent as perfume.

Despite the rarity of these items, a lack of affordable quality bread, and even more ridiculously priced butter, my friend Luke and I set out to make the ultimate brunch. Watch and salivate.

It’s bacon fat sizzle time!

Review: Menya Musashi, Shinjuku / 麺屋武蔵, 新宿

Pork belly tonkotsu ramen at Menya Musashi

Pork belly tonkotsu ramen at Menya Musashi

Way, way back in the autumn, when I first arrived in Tokyo (this time round, anyway), I wanted to eat ramen almost immediately. As any ramen fan should. Plus I had a visitor from the UK, which made it all the more imperative that we should eat ramen. Menya Musashi (麺屋武蔵) is one of the most popular, with several branches, their Shinjuku branch being particularly famous. Continue reading

Cooking… sort of: a Japanese-style breakfast

Breakfast for one!

Breakfast for one!

As you may have read in my last post, I got a little carried away with buying goodies from the Hobby Cook Show. So of course I have compelled myself to make some delicious food. And we all know how much I love breakfast! Yet I prepared all of the above without doing any cooking at all… Continue reading

Hobby Cooking Fair 2015 – April 23rd-25th, Tokyo Big Sight

Hobby Fair - purchases and samples

Hobby Fair – purchases and samples

I have a friend who works in the food industry. He gets lots of free samples of many delicious things and he always knows when their is something food-related going on. I tell him that that is the only reason we’re friends.

This week was the Japan Hobby Show, which involves an amazing array of crafts. I wish I’d had time to look around because there was everything from knitting, jewellery-making, art… and many kinds of creativity that I simply don’t know the name of! However, I’m not creative in that way. I’m only creative when it comes to finding different ways of filling my stomach with delicious things and sharing that deliciousness with all of you.  Continue reading

Mini review: Andy’s, Shin Hinomoto

Sashimi yeaaah

Sashimi yeaaah

This is my attempt to clear a huge backlog of places that need to be on my blog! So…. how do you fancy some fantastically fresh fish?

Yes, Andy’s is all about the fish and is well-known on the Tokyo cuisine scene. The website proudly proclaims that this is a family business and that all the fish is bought fresh at Tsukiji Market (the largest and most famous fish market in Tokyo).  Continue reading

Spring Trip to Kyushu: Fukuoka

Strolling through Fukuoka

Strolling through Fukuoka

Oh what’s that? Is that a spring holiday I smell?

Where haven’t I been in Japan yet? KYUSHU!

Actually, there are many places in Japan I haven’t been yet (despite a good friend accusing me of marking my territory like a dog) but I heard that Kyushu, the third largest island of Japan, had really good food. It’s not hard to see why it quickly became a priority.

Booking flights less than three weeks before, my mother, flying from London, and I from Tokyo, began and ended our adventure in Fukuoka, conveniently the birthplace of tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen, the most delicious type of ramen in my humble opinion.

Hello sneaky ramen pic!

Hello sneaky ramen pic!

Continue reading

Review: Zenshutoku, Ginza; 全聚徳, 銀座

Peking duck

Peking Roast Duck

Let’s just take a moment to admire this plate of Peking Roast Duck. Succulent, flavoursome meat, all freshly sliced and piled high…

Zenshutoku is renowned for its Peking duck and it boasts that it uses the same recipe as Quanjude in Beijing, established in 1864 and considered one of the pioneers of this delicious creation. It therefore seemed the perfect to celebrate Chinese New Year and I was delighted to be invited to join classmates for a rather special meal.  Continue reading