Tommi’s Burger Joint, London


As a fairly popular contender on the burger scene, I visited Tommi’s Burger Joint on a friend’s recommendation last summer. Hailing from Iceland, it takes a stripped down, minimalist approach to the burger. Continue reading “Tommi’s Burger Joint, London”

Dubai: Things to Eat

Oh hey everyone, apparently I wrote this a year ago and never published it! ENJOY!

This is the Pheebz Unofficial List of Things to Eat in Dubai. Go forth and eat! (Don’t disappoint me!)

1) Frying Pan Food Adventures

Emirati feast

So I may have already listed this as top of my Things to Do recommendations. That’s because eating and doing are very much interlinked for me; in fact, they’re pretty much like. Everything I do involves eating or is planned around what/when/where I can next eat. Stay tuned for the full review of Frying Pan Food Adventures because no foodie will ever want to miss a four four food marathon of amazing Middle Eastern food, would you now? Continue reading “Dubai: Things to Eat”