Review: Marutama Ramen, Ryogoku


I used to be a massive music fan, attending live concerts once or twice a month. From the age of 16 to 20, I was the epitome of fanatical. Then, I kinda chilled out a bit. I’m a rubbish fan – I get obsessed with something for a while, then lose interest. Fortunately, the connection between my full stomach and my happiness levels is quite strong so I don’t think I’ll get bored of food. Continue reading “Review: Marutama Ramen, Ryogoku”

Art for Thought…Food as Art? An 8-course tasting dinner

Food is art; art is food

Do you love food? Do you love art? How about, um, combining the two?

That’s exactly what you can at Art for Thought, a gallery-cum-restaurant located in the heart of Ginza. Continue reading “Art for Thought…Food as Art? An 8-course tasting dinner”

Review: Nong Inlay (Burmese), Takadanobaba, Tokyo

Bamboo bugs AKA takemushi/ 竹虫!

I make a lot of friends through food. Everyone has to eat, right? Once you discover some common ground, *poof* you’ve instantly got something to chat about or a place to hang out.

Of course, there are those mysterious creatures among us who would rather take a nutrition pill than bother with the hassle of eating a meal. I’m assuming you’re not one of them, since you’re reading a food blog 🙂

The result of this culinary camaraderie is that I make friends who are fairly adventurous when it comes to food. And so this why I spend my Saturday nights doing things like… cycling 10km across Tokyo to eat some insects. Continue reading “Review: Nong Inlay (Burmese), Takadanobaba, Tokyo”