Sirloin Steak Ramen! Senrigan’s 5th Anniversary, Komabatodaimae

Sexy but dangerous
Sexy but dangerous

Every day I cycle to school past a sole ramen store on a restaurant-sparse stretch of road. Every day, I glance up at the yellow sign and think “I must try that one day.”

That store is called Senrigan (千里眼 – ‘clairvoyance’) and on Friday I finally tried it. With serious consequences. Continue reading “Sirloin Steak Ramen! Senrigan’s 5th Anniversary, Komabatodaimae”

Pancake Day 2015: All-you-can-eat Pancake Feast in Tokyo!

All pancakes should be misshapen turtles
All pancakes should be misshapen turtles

As if I was going to miss out on Pancake Day just because I’m living in Tokyo. Family restaurant Denny’s does an all-you-can-eat pancake offer for just 999 yen. I heard it calling to me. The challenge was on…

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The Breakfast Club’s Pancake Challenge

From a couple of years’ back – I complete the Breakfast Club’s 12 pancakes in 20 minutes challenge!

Pheebz Eatz

12 pancakes, whipped cream, blueberries and maple syrup 12 pancakes, whipped cream, blueberries and maple syrup

So yesterday was Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras!

I’m going to call it Fat Tuesday for a very good reason. I got fat.

The Breakfast Club was running a challenge: eat 12 pancakes in 20 minutes and have them for free; or lose and pay £17.50 (which they then give to the charity Rays of Sunshine).

Given that I’d very much enjoyed my previous visit, and given that this challenge was so ridiculous, I just had to give it a try.

I have a confession though. I don’t like pancakes that much and I can’t eat tonnes of sweet stuff (even chocolate). This was going to be difficult and I had lots of pre-eating nerves. Plus I had a craving for bacon, and was trying hard not to back out and order a bacon-pancake lunch instead.

However, I hate losing…

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It’s Chocolate Noodle time! Valentine’s Day Chocolate Tsukemen at Menya Musashi

Is that some chocolate in my noodles?
Is that some chocolate in my noodles?

Yes, that is a piece of chocolate sitting casually nestled among some noodles and vegetables. Popular ramen restaurant Menya Musashi in Shinjuku may be famed for its huge chunks of juicy kakuni pork but it’s not opposed to branching out for a special occasion. Continue reading “It’s Chocolate Noodle time! Valentine’s Day Chocolate Tsukemen at Menya Musashi”

Sarabeth’s Valentine’s Day Chocolate Explosion


Sadly, one thing that Japan does not do very well is chocolate. If you lust over gooey, stodgy brownies that are almost molten in the middle, and eating one leaves you in a near-orgasmic coma for an hour or two, then you’re probably going to be dissatisfied by the average cocoa offering over here. (Of course, everything can be obtained for a price and if you’re prepared to seek it out!)

An abundance of chocolate can be found, however, just before Valentine’s Day. This is a celebration in which, conversely to Western practices, women give chocolate to men. Given that when I have visited any dessert or chocolate cafés/shops, they are almost always exclusively populated by females, I wonder if this practice acts as a form of cultural legitimation that permits men to enjoy chocolate at least once a year.

They say ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. Well, I can tell you straight away that there is no way in hell (or the entire universe) that I’m giving chocolate away. Oh no, it’s going to go gliding down my greedy gobbling throat. With emphasis on the glugging noises. Continue reading “Sarabeth’s Valentine’s Day Chocolate Explosion”

Setsubun – bean-throwing and large maki rolls

What to do with this big sushi roll?
What to do with this big sushi roll?

You may be wondering why I am clutching a giant maki roll to my face. Today is setsubun, which literally means ‘season division’ in Japanese. It’s a crazy and fun celebration where everyone gets to throw beans at demons. And it has some rather amusing food-related rituals.

Want to know why there is a picture of some sushi and a compass? Watch below…

Later this evening…

Licking Pikachu – the Pokemon Pop-up Cafe

Pikachu, I'mma lick-you!
Pikachu, I’mma lick-you!

In case you missed my wonderful piece on Akihabara News, I’ve recreated it for you below:

To Lick a Pikachu

If you have ever wanted to a lick a Pikachu, I can confirm that he/she/[insert your preferred gender here] tastes of mango. Yes, that’s right. If your childhood dreams of catching them all actually involved eating them all, you now can. Except, by all Pokémon, I actually mean mainly Pikachu.

Pokémon, which still retains huge popularity in Japan, has currently invaded The Guest Cafe and Diner on the seventh floor of Parco department store, Shibuya, Tokyo. Continue reading “Licking Pikachu – the Pokemon Pop-up Cafe”