Review: Hacienda del Cielo, Daikanyama


I have never been to Mexico and so I can’t tell you what authentic Mexican food is.

What I can tell you is that:

  1. A Mexican friend assures me there is no actual Mexican food in London
  2. The best “Mexican food” I ever had was in an underground restaurant attached to a hotel in Brasov, Romania – see the Bella Muzica.

I’m always fairly disappointed by whatever burrito, enchilada, taco-variety I order. With that in  my mind, I wasn’t particularly hopeful for my chances in Tokyo.

However, I had heard of Haciendo del Cielo, ensconced in Daikanyama, one of Tokyo’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Continue reading “Review: Hacienda del Cielo, Daikanyama”

Sarabeth’s Valentine’s Day Chocolate Explosion


Sadly, one thing that Japan does not do very well is chocolate. If you lust over gooey, stodgy brownies that are almost molten in the middle, and eating one leaves you in a near-orgasmic coma for an hour or two, then you’re probably going to be dissatisfied by the average cocoa offering over here. (Of course, everything can be obtained for a price and if you’re prepared to seek it out!)

An abundance of chocolate can be found, however, just before Valentine’s Day. This is a celebration in which, conversely to Western practices, women give chocolate to men. Given that when I have visited any dessert or chocolate cafés/shops, they are almost always exclusively populated by females, I wonder if this practice acts as a form of cultural legitimation that permits men to enjoy chocolate at least once a year.

They say ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. Well, I can tell you straight away that there is no way in hell (or the entire universe) that I’m giving chocolate away. Oh no, it’s going to go gliding down my greedy gobbling throat. With emphasis on the glugging noises. Continue reading “Sarabeth’s Valentine’s Day Chocolate Explosion”