From Mediocrity to Motown, pt. 1

I live in East London, close to Brick Lane, and I am very happy that a lot of Indians/Pakistanis also live there because I get to eat delicious food. My stomach might not be so happy, but we have to compromise sometimes.

As my parents were delivering all the stuff I’d forgotten, I had to ensure that they were well-fed. The logical step was, therfore, to get some serious curry! On a friend of  friend’s recommendation, we went to Tayyabs, but sadly it didn’t work out. Apparently, customers of Tayyabs should consider themselves privileged to be served!

THE PLACE: Tayyabs
THE FOOD: Punjabi

Tandoori chicken and seekh kebab

On our arrival, we were ignored by two waiters before someone finally came to seat us.

“Will the VIP area be OK for you?”

“VIP area?” exclaimed my father, excitedly. “Well, that sounds very good, doesn’t it?”

Apparently the VIP area is just another room where you actually have to share a table. I don’t have a huge problem with that but could someone please tell me how that is VIP?!

We eyed up the food around us excitedly, ordering an obscene amount. Now I shan’t bore you with the details, but the food was mediocre and unmemorable to say the least.  To give them credit where credit it due, the seekh kebab was very tasty, but my favourite, tandoori chicken, was dry and tasteless. The curries aren’t worth mentioning.

The meal would have been passable, given the reasonable prices, if it weren’t for the service, which didn’t exist.

“Excuse me, could you please clear some of these plates away?”

*Waiter walks off pretending not to hear*

“Excuse me, we need some of these plates cleared. We don’t have enough room.”

*Different waiter mutters something in a surly manner, refuses to take our plates, and walks off*

Overall 2/5

Don’t go unless you want to eat average food whilst feeling like unwelcome guests. 

Food quality 2.5/5 – Quality wasn’t bad, but taste was lacking.

Value for money 3/5 – Prices were around £7 a curry.

Atmosphere  3/5 – Lively and popular, if you ignore the fact the waiters are trying their hardest to ignore you!

Service 1/5 – They get one point for wrapping up the leftovers in a doggy bag. Waste not, want not – I’m a student!