Hot Chocolate Festival

I tried to think of some kind of pithy title, but then I realised – who needs a pithy title when HOT CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL says it all?!

Fleet River Bakery, tucked just behind the LSE campus, is making a different hot chocolate every day, from November 5th to November 30th.

I’m not the greatest at maths, but I calculate a whopping  26 hot chocolates to be sampled.

Given I am on a quest to find the best hot chocolate in London, this was a chocolatey challenge I couldn’t refuse. Sadly my budget doesn’t quite allow me to catch ’em try them all. But I’ll do my best for your sake. I’m a very altruistic person after all.

Check out this “Vanilla Bean” hot chocolate served yesterday:

Vanilla bean hot chocolate

It was creamy without being too thick. It had a hint of a vanilla without being too sweet. In fact, it just hit the spot.

Fleet River Bakery’s Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate –  4.5/5

It was so good that it almost made me feel better about  the extortionately priced parma ham, leek and cheese frittata I ordered to go with it. All very tasty and very filling, but £7.20. Really?! Still, if you have the money, Fleet River is a lovely lunch place.

Ham, leek and cheese frittata

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