Insane M&S Mince Pie and Hot Drink Deal!

If you want a crumbly mince pie with brandy cream and a small hot drink of your choice for only £1.50…
head to M&S at One New Change (EC4M 9AF)!

Yes, that’s right! Only £1.50.

I’m generally a very honest person. So when the lady at the till said, “That’ll be £1 please”, I stopped her.

“Excuse me, but are you sure you’re charging me correctly?”

“Yes, it’s £1. But if you want brandy cream, that’ll be 50p extra.”

I took the brandy cream.

Here are my spoils:

Crumbly mince pie and enough brandy cream for later…

It’s not the tastiest mince pie in the world. It’s a little dry, but smother it with brandy cream and it’s just fine. Plus you get any small hot drink of your choice (excluding chai lattes). I got to enjoy a mocha – perfect for a cold winter’s evening.

This is the sign:

Surely my goods should have cost me £2.95?!

But this is the reality:


I’m sure there must be some kind of mistake. But take advantage – and hurry there now!

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