E Pellicci Review / A damn good breakfast!

English Breakfast

The Place: E Pellicci
The Food: British 

I was researching good places to eat breakfast/brunch in East London and I happened upon E Pellicci in Bethnal Green. Now, it might sound counter-intuitive to go to an Italian café serving up English breakfasts but I’ve previously had very good experiences (anyone who’s had Clowns’ bacon and egg toasties in Cambridge will know what I’m talking about).

E Pellicci happens to be only a mile’s walk from my flat and, as if to guide me there, I passed Bacon Street on my way.

We must be on the right track!
We must be on the right track!

E Pellicci was heaving on a Saturday morning, but we were greeted incredibly warming and immediately seated. There’s not a whole lot of choice, and you have to be prepared to share a table and squeeze. Somehow though, this just added to the charm. Brunch is a particularly social meal after all 🙂

E Pellicci
Inside E Pellicci

I didn’t hesitate about my order; I went straight for the full English Breakfast (£5.50). The great thing about E Pellicci is that you can swap and add as many things as you like. So I swapped the tomatoes for some beans, and added an extra egg for £0.80. And look what I got myself:

Full English: sausage, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, beans, mushrooms and fried bread. (10p included for scale)
Full English: sausage, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, beans, mushrooms and fried bread. (10p included for scale)

I actually don’t advise adding anything extra to this because it is HUMONGOUS  As for the quality of the food, it’s good for the price. The bacon was nice and thick; the eggs were  still runny when opened; the sausage was not the best quality, but it wasn’t the worst either; the mushrooms were cooked perfectly and were very tasty; the fried bread was not too crispy;  and the beans – well, they were just beans.

I refused to let myself be defeated by this monster of a breakfast.


I also got a good, strong cappuccino (£1.60) with a pleasing amount of chocolate powder on top.


If you’re not a breakfast fan, E Pellicci offer plenty of other café-style, English grub such as steak and kidney pudding with mash and veg. My friend took a small minestrone soup and bruschetta, which, in-keeping with my breakfast, is designed with the aim to feed the five thousand. Don’t expect gourmet stuff, but be prepared for hearty food that will fill you up.

Small minestrone soup

E Pellicci 4/5  – Do not miss out on a tasty, amazing value brunch. 

332 Bethnal Green Road
E2 0AG

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  1. Definitely salivating right now, and making my humble breakfast of plain cereal look really lame haha. Glad you had a positive breakfast experience (;

    – Jonathan

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