Review: Damson & Co, Soho

Poached eggs with smoked salmon (£9.50)
Poached eggs with smoked salmon (£9.50)

Damson & Co represent a bit of a medley. Self-described on Twitter as a ‘British Deli & Coffee Shop’, their prized offerings consist of ‘London Roast Coffee & Cornish Tea, English Wine, British Charcuterie & Cheese. Ceviche and Billingsgate Oysters.’

Now, if that’s not chic and trendy, then I don’t know what is.

My friends and I popped along for their soft opening offer  to see what delicious things we might sample. (How could we resist 50% off food and a free drink?)

Damson & Co do a variety of freshly pressed fruit juices (£4.00), which they can mix to your tastes in a rather cute bottle. I took an Apple & Pear combo, which was delightfully refreshing.

Apple and Pear Juice (£4.00)
Apple and Pear Juice (£4.00)

As it was lunchtime, there was a limited day time menu of soups, eggs, sandwiches or salads. 

Poached eggs with Dukeshill Shropshire Ham (£9.00)
Poached eggs with Dukeshill Shropshire Ham (£9.00)

I chose the Poached Eggs with Dukeshill Shropshire Black Ham (£9.00) on an English muffin. This came with a hollandaise-style sauce, which was light, tasty and not too rich. The ham was fantastic – it had such a deep flavour. However, they overcooked one egg, which was a little disappointing. I insist on perfectly cooked eggs and, at these kinds of prices, I think everyone should.


Damson & Co also had a really tantalising array of sandwiches set out on the counter top. I took away a beef and pickles sandwich (£7.00), which sadly wasn’t as good as it looked – a little dry and way too vinegary.

Salt beef and pickles (£7.00)
Salt beef and pickles (£7.00)

Sandwich aside, the juice and eggs were enjoyable. But £12 for an extremely light lunch?! Guess this is what being trendy in London costs. There definitely wasn’t enough wow-factor for me, so I’ll have to settle for less chic establishments. 

21 Brewer Street, Soho, London
When: ??? Website is not working yet. Best to contact them via Twitter: @DamsonAndCo

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