Byron’s World Cup Burger – The Ronaldo

Hey there, sexy ;)
Hey there, sexy 😉

*EDIT: It’s been kindly pointed out to me that this burger is about the Brazilian Ronaldo, not the Portuguese one (which frankly makes a lot more sense) but…. being the football expert that I am *cough*, when I Googled ‘Ronaldo’ only the Portuguese one emerged. Sorry folks! It’s still a great burger so you should EAT IT BEFORE THE WORLD CUP ENDS!!*

So I might be a little slow in posting this because apparently England are pretty much out of the World Cup and that has probably dampened football fervour. Or maybe not, judging by the cheering at a screen I passed by this evening. 

Either way, whether you’re lamenting England’s losses or cheering on another team, you should gnash your way through Byron’s Ronaldo burger.

This is one sexy burger. In fact, it is definitely sexier than a certain Portuguese footballer.

This towering giant has two patties, two lots of cheese and bacon and a load crispy onions. It is without the doubt the best thing I have ever eaten at Byron. Warning: it is messy. Kudos to you if you manage to not resort to a knife and fork as the patty is really juicy. But flavour-wise, this burger hits the spot and is definitely football fodder. I’m not even a football fan and I would happily watch anything after eating it. It induces burger bliss and a euphoric feeling of triumph when admiring the empty plate.

It’s available to the end of the World Cup tournament. Go, go, go!

Byron Proper Hamburgers

I take on the Ronaldo...
I take on the Ronaldo…


I show Ronaldo who the REAL sexiest thing around is
I show Ronaldo who the REAL sexiest thing around is

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