Pancake Day 2015: All-you-can-eat Pancake Feast in Tokyo!

All pancakes should be misshapen turtles
All pancakes should be misshapen turtles

As if I was going to miss out on Pancake Day just because I’m living in Tokyo. Family restaurant Denny’s does an all-you-can-eat pancake offer for just 999 yen. I heard it calling to me. The challenge was on…

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    1. I bet yours were infinitely better quality though! 🙂 Watch this space, however – blueberry pancake extravaganza to be blogged soon!

  1. Looks yummy! I’m intended to go there as well…but I couldn’t get the rules…
    Is there free ice cream? Or you can have only one plain pancake to be covered with topping and fruit?
    Is it onky one pancake per time?
    Tell me more u.u

    Thanks ❤

    1. Hey Nicla! I really should have scripted before babbling into the camera as yes, I didn’t make the rules very clear. Basically, your first order has free fruit and ice-cream. After that, you have to pay for extra ice-cream with your rounds of pancakes. But you can go to the free topping bar for your sugary fix 😉 Are you going to go? Let me know how you get on.

      1. Ooow *.* of course I am! Sorry for bothering you again but can you tell what kind of toppins are available for the buffet? I’m just curious! I’ve also seen that they have Pikachu pancake which is so cute and I definetely want to try it!

        And…I freakin love your blog. So much food. I love food :Q___

      2. No bother 🙂 The toppings are caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, ‘maple syrup’, cream, ‘chocolate’ cream, different kinds of hams, tinned fruit etc. It’s not amazing quality but it *is* a buffet at family restaurant! The Pikachu pancake has to be a separate order, I might order it another time 🙂 Did you see the Pokemon pop-up btw? Glad you like the blog – so much more to add! Any places you like in Tokyo?

      3. Yes I’worry about the quality! I’m not exactly “sophisticated palate”! And, as you said, all you can eat food tastes better! (Still not as much as free food) u.u

        I’ve seen it and it looks so cuuuute *-* But sadly I’m going to be in Tokyo only in September :c I’m missing the Sakura flavored Starbucks cake as well T_T

        I’ve wrote down a lot of places to eat *-* Such as Milky was cafe, Egg n thing (Pancakes with tons of whip cream :Q__), Mee’s pancake (they are so cute T_T). Aoyama flower cafe is just TOO lovely. And cat cafes T_T (Temari no Ouchi on top of them!).

        I’ve wrote so much xD I’ll come back home rolling.
        Anyway, are you going to be in Tokyo in September? 🙂

      4. Haha, there is something about free food that just compels eating 😀 I am so impressed you’ve planned what you’re eating already! I’ve got a great brunch/pancake place to recommend you, watch this space 😉 What brings you to Tokyo? I’ll be here til next year so feel free to give me a shout when you arrive 🙂

      5. Yes…most my must-see for Tokyo trip is food stuff xD
        I can’t wait to check out your new posts *-*

        I’m coming to Tokyo a couple of week as a vacation (Actually it’s a sort of volunteering, but it’s a long story). Yay I’ll sure will contact you then xD

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