Rethinking things

No, I’m not thinking anything incredibly profound. However, I have decided that since I like the layout on this blog – and since maintaining two blogs is really quite time consuming – I shall henceforth use this one as both a travel and a food blog. Besides, most things I experience are inseparable from my stomach, as it’s hungry pretty much 24/7….

So now that I’ve rethought my blogging approach, I thought I’d highlight some things in Japan that might want reconsidering. Like allowing 1,200 deer to wander around a city.

The children edge backwards as the deer advance on them...
Deer on a pickpocketing mission

Yes this is Nara. And yes it’s wonderful for tourists….but isn’t it a crazy idea? I wonder how many get killed by cars every year…..

Perhaps stranger, is the mascot of Nara. The thought process behind it must have gone something like this:

“What is Nara famous for? Hmm.”

“I know, I know! Buddhist temples and the biggest Buddha in Japan!”

Daibutsu - largest Buddha in Japan

“But it’s also famous for deer! Lots of deer!”


“I know! Let’s combine the two!!”

Here is Sento-kun! Half-Buddhist monk, half-deer! Now I don’t want to think about what led to his birth! (NB: Wikipedia states “Sento-kun is meant to resemble an amiable young boy who has the antlers of a deer.” Meant to. Says  it all).

A perversion of nature

Other things that might need rethinking:

1) A gangster octopus….

Giddy-up, tiger!

Yes that is a takoyaki  (fried octopus ball) restaurant, advertising the octopus it serves by a gangster octopus riding a tiger. Again, I wonder what thought processes led to this concoction? Certainly not any thoughts whilst sober…..

2) Fur-lined crocs

Crocs are an abomination in my opinion. Now fur-lined crocs just take that to a whole new level.

3) Do you Kyoto?

Do you Kyoto? Do you really?

The Kyoto city mascot. ‘Nuff said.

4) Big boy hamburgers

Do you fancy a Big Boy?

Actually, I’m  not convinced that this one needs rethinking. Big boys are probably just the kind of customer they’re trying to attract. And besides, a bit of innuendo goes a long way in marketing – Shake Weight is proof of that.

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