Hot Chocolate Festival: 70% Dark versus Cardamom

70% Dark Hot Chocolate

You might remember that I enjoyed a fantastic vanilla bean hot chocolate…because Fleet River Bakery is running a Hot Chocolate Festival!  There are different exciting flavours every day, and you can vote for your favourite.

I kindly sampled the 70% Dark hot chocolate and the Cardamom hot chocolate so you didn’t have to…

70% Dark Hot Chocolate – 2/5

Disappointing. I was expecting dark, thick, bitter. A headrush of cocoa. But it was milky and way too sweet.

Cardamom Hot Chocolate 3.5/5

Cardamom goes so well with chocolate and Fleet River got the flavour balance just perfect. However, I added half a sachet of sugar as it needed just a tad of sweetening (ironic eh?). Also, I think they could have tried to filter out the cardamom seeds. They gave a discordant ending to a delicious drink…

Upcoming Menu…

Thursday 15th – Chilli hot choc
Friday 16th – Mint
Saturday 17th – Toasted coconut

Monday 19th – Roasted hazelnut
Tuesday 20th – Rose chocolate
Wednesday 21st – Caramel
Thursday 22nd – Cinnamon
Friday 23rd – Banana bonanza

Monday 25th – Macha hot chocolate
Tuesday 26th – Sea salt
Wednesday 27th – Chilli and cherry love potion
Thursday 28th – Stem ginger
Friday 29th – WINNER

I can’t wait to try the LOVE POTION. Which one takes your fancy?

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