Review: The Modern Pantry

Chilli and curry leaf waffles with smoked bacon and maple syrup
Chilli and curry leaf waffles with smoked bacon and maple syrup

Stop! Alert! Some seriously good brunch has been discovered.

I visited The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell back in March but somehow missed reporting just what a charming place it is.

Think of light, airy rooms with high ceilings and large windows. Think of a simple yet stylish interior in grey and white.

Think of a brunch menu that includes BEEF RENDANG and CURRY LEAF WAFFLES and almost no traditional British fare that the aesthetics imply, and that one would expect on a brunch menu.

For lovers of bacon and eggs, fear not – these may be obtained. However, there are some adventurous items on this menu that are bound to please.

Rendang on toast with crispy quail's egg
Rendang on toast with crispy quail’s egg

I took the Rendang Mince on Toast with a Crispy Quail’s Egg (~£9?).  Rendang is a beef curry that originate from Indonesia but is popular across other parts of Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore and the Phillippines. It uses coconut milk and a mix of spices such as ginger, turmeric and lemongrass.

And this beef rendang was delicious. It had a confident amount of spice and flavours that thoroughly warmed the palate. It vanished from my plate all too quickly, and sadly seems to have vanished off their brunch menu.

When I visit next time – for there will be a next time – I plan to tuck into Grilled Cornbread with Chorizo, a Fried Egg, Sweetcorn, Avocado & Red Pepper Salsa (£8.80), which one of my co-diners was very pleased with.

Chorizo and cornbread
Chorizo and cornbread

There are also Sweetcorn, Feta, Green Chilli & Curry Leaf Waffles with Smoked Streaky Bacon and Maple Syrup (£8.80). From what I sampled, the waffles seemed a little mild but I definitely need to order the whole dish to confirm this properly.

If you happen to be  around Clerkenwell at lunch or dinner time, The Modern Pantry also offer a mouthwatering All Day Menu.

… So please expect further investigation upcoming on the blog.

The Modern Pantry 4/5 – Welcoming atmosphere and an interesting brunch menu. 

Where: 47-48 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, EC1V 4JJ

Monday: 8am – 11am & 12pm – 10pm
Tuesday to Friday: 8am – 11am & 12pm – 10.30pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm & 6pm – 10.30pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm & 6pm – 10pm
Monday: 12pm – 3pm
Tuesday to Friday: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-10:30pm
Saturday: 11am – 4pm & 6pm – 10:30pm
Sunday: 11am – 4pm

2 thoughts

  1. Agree that Modern Pantry serves amazing food! Haven’t been there in a long while and should definitely visit soon. I remember their prawn omelette with chilli sambal to be fantastic. And the desserts too are perfectly made.

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