Review: One Blenheim Terrace (much steak love)


Oh, what’s this? A review of a Michelin-recommended restaurant? How is Pheebz affording this, then? Well…

1) I had a Groupon voucher that gave me £40 of food for just £20.

2) The food is really not that outrageously priced, especially for the quality and portion sizes.

We were sat in a chic, modern and airy restaurant and presented with a tantalising menu. A very friendly and genuine waiter came to take our order.

As this is an upmarket place, little complimentary items arrived. Not only did we get some fresh bread, but we got miniature… plant pots.

Super kawaii! ^_^
Super kawaii! ^_^
Plant pot
Plant pot – everything is edible save the pot 😉

Yes, once we’d done the obligatory squealing at its cuteness (I have spent too much time in Japan where anything small is automatically cute), we investigated this beautiful presentation. The pot was filled with a mayonnaise-like sauce, and covered in “earth” – soya pieces. Little veggies were then artfully arranged. My co-diner found the dip a little tangy and peculiar, especially as the veggies weren’t enough to eat all of it, but I’m a sauce-fiend so I ploughed through it in seconds.

For starters, we tucked into artichoke soup (~£6?). It had a very mild and slightly earthy flavour, but we really appreciated its subtlety. Plus, the portion size was very generous.

Artichoke soup
Artichoke soup

The main course meant I ended up like this:


You may already know that I am OBSESSED with beef. Obsessed. My mother craved it when she was pregnant with me and I therefore blame her for my carnivorous addiction. The smell of roast beef in the oven results in me half-stumbling and drooling towards the kitchen and hanging around vacantly until the beef is served on the table.

Therefore, when I saw Bone-In Rib-Eye Steak and Chips (£27) and I remembered my lovely Groupon offer, my excitement was extreme. Behold this glorious piece of meat and admire its 300g of beauty:

I am in love with this whopper
I am in love with this whopper

The steak was succulent, flavoursome, tender – and perfectly cooked. In short, it was everything I could have wanted from a steak. Not even the rather strange Café de Paris butter could detract from its majesty – although a garlic butter accompaniment might have elevated it even further. It was still, however, the finest steak I’ve eaten in a while.

Top this off with expertly crisp chips and perfect vegetables, and this was heaven. Quite often restaurants let themselves down on the vegetables – poor quality, bland and/or overcooked. Not One Blenheim Terrace – the asparagus and spinach (£4.50 each) really were mouthwatering.

Veggie heaven
Veggie heaven
Veggie heaven
Veggie heaven

For dessert, I took deep-fried Oreos with vanilla ice-cream (£6), which, despite sounding gloriously gluttonous, I actually found a little bit unexciting.

Deep-fried Oreos
Deep-fried Oreos

My co-diner took freshly-made Madeleines – simple little sponge cakes – with a rich, chocolatey hot sauce (£4). This was by far the better choice for the quality chocolate hit and for the price.

Madeleines with hot chocolate hotness

Just when we thought the delights were over, we were presented with complimentary chocolate brownies to take home.

Yay for complimentary brownies!
Yay for complimentary brownies!
All packed up for home
All packed up for home

All this was accompanied by really warm service. One minor gripe – we paid with cash, including tip, and a waiter who hadn’t served us ‘forgot’ to bring us out £4 of change. A little bit of a disappointing ending to what was a fantastic meal.

One Blenheim Terrace 4/5 – Great portions and great quality. Beef-lovers – go and eat their steak. And take me, please.

Food 4.5/5 – Delicious.
Value 4/5 – For the quality and portion-size, I won’t complain.
Atmosphere 4/5 – Laid back.
Service 4/5 – A really lovely team, save for the one waiter at the end of the meal.

1 Blenheim Terrace, London, NW8 0EH
When: Tues – Sat 9am – 11pm, Sun 10am – 4pm

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