Review: Pasha, Islington

Sorry for my absence! I have been writing a dissertation. This has meant just as much eating as normal, but it also meant that any writing was limited to academic rather than foodie topics. However, I am now FREE!

Anywaaay…. just a short welcome back post for now.

Life throws up a lot of little ironies along the way. The night before I flew to Istanbul, I was invited for a Turkish meal at Pasha in Islington for a friend’s birthday.

We ordered the Pasha dinner set for £12.95, which entails a range of hot and cold mezze with pitta bread and some meat and falafel as a main.


The mezze were pleasant – the hummus, babaganoushe, and cacik – although it’s pretty hard to get these completely wrong. However, the meats were incredibly underwhelming and not of the best quality. And I guess it wasn’t that surprising at that price. In this country. *sigh* (Istanbul posts coming later!)


What I will recommend, though, is the pistachio and cinnamon ice-cream. SO DELICIOUS. 

It may look simple but it was simply great!
It may look simple but it was simply great!

Pasha – Eat the mezze, then jump straight to dessert! 😉

301 Upper Street, London, N1 2TU

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