Review: Psyhic Burger at Birthdays, Dalston

Psychic Burger foresees good, burgery times ahead
Psychic Burger foresees good, burgery times ahead

On the ground floor of the bar/venue Birthdays, red triangles with a mystic eye stare from the glass window. On a closer inspection, the pupil of the eye is a burger. That must only mean one thing: they have burgers on the mind. And it’s true that after you’ve visited Psychic Burger, that you’ll also have burgers in your mind’s eye for quite some time.

We had a premonition we’d enjoy it because there’s been quite some buzz, especially around a certain item on the menu: the Soft-Shell Crab Burger (£9.50 when we visited, now listed as £11 on the website. Hmm…).

Soft-shell crab burger
Soft-shell crab burger – crunchy legs yum yum

This visually striking burger contains two delicious critters deep fried and served with smoked garlic aioli and sweet chilli. I don’t even like crab but I could appreciate this work of art, whereas my crab-loving companion lapsed into silence as he munched his way through it, eyes closed in appreciation.

Psychic Burger - apologies for the dark photo
Psychic Burger – apologies for the dark photo
Beautifully medium-rare
Beautifully medium-rare

The Psychic Burger (£7.50) boasts an aged fore rib and chuck steak patty in brioche with ‘psychic sauce’, pickles, Monterey Jack cheese, an, for extra £1, bacon. It was one of the juiciest and most flavoursome patties I’d sampled in a while, and it was hard to eat it slowly. In fact, I ended up wolfing down all my sides first so I could give it my full concentration!

A snack
A small snack

The burgers come served with a large, generously-battered onion ring, and we also got some fries (£3) and some tasty smoky BQQ beans (£3.50).

Pork skin popcorn and shoe string fries
Pork skin popcorn and shoe string fries

The only underwhelming thing was the snacks/starters. The Pork Skin Popcorn (£1.50) was salty, crunchy and a bit chewy at times, and the Shoes String Fries (£1.50) were essentially very thin crisps that amounted to inhaling salty air.

Nevertheless, I foresee that we’ll be back for some more cows and crabs in brioche, and maybe even a whole rack of BBQ ribs…

Psychic Burger 4/5Mystically good burgers and soft-shell crab burgers. 

Where: 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BJ
When: Mon 6 – 11pm; Tues – Fri 12 – 11pm; Sat 11am – 11pm; Sun 11am – 10pm


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