Bacon Fat Sizzle Time: Making Brunch in Tokyo – UK-Style!

BRUNCH. And wooden crocodile.
BRUNCH. And wooden crocodile.

There comes a point where a Japanese breakfast doesn’t quite cut it. Grabbing a rice ball from the convenience store. Or raw egg and fermented soy beans on rice. Or that dubious pastry from a dubiously named ‘German’ bakery stocked with even more dubious ‘French items’,  such as Croque Monsieurs.

Or maybe, it’s just the point where you want sausages. Proper, meaty sausages. Or you’re craving bacon so badly that you’d happily wear its scent as perfume.

Despite the rarity of these items, a lack of affordable quality bread, and even more ridiculously priced butter, my friend Luke and I set out to make the ultimate brunch. Watch and salivate.

It’s bacon fat sizzle time!

2 thoughts

  1. There are a few places in Tokyo that has English breakfast and Sunday roast. YOu can go to the Hobgoblin in Roppongi. THe food there is pretty good, not outstanding but good.

    1. But I want outstanding food! Demanding I know 😉 Our brunch was excellent and easily accomplished so no point in buying elsewhere if not better! Have you been to Bondi Coffee Sandwiches? They have eggs benedict on the menu for under 1000yen and I’m intrigued….

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