COFFEE: Bondi Coffee Sandwiches, Komababa


I’ve cycled past this place probably at least once a week for nearly 3 years. And I hardly ever make enough time to stop – which is a shame because it’s worth it.

Bondi Coffee Sandwiches is one of five stores in Tokyo, offering a similar menu focussed around coffee, smoothies and light meals.

I’ve visited the Yoyogi Beach store and I’m not a fan as it’s not very welcoming. But the atmosphere at Bondi Coffee Sandwiches couldn’t be more different and it just begs for you to sit awhile, daydream and watch the world go by. It’s managed by Koya Okada, a really friendly guy, and his team are great.

It’s not a cheap place, but what you get is good. As you might have guessed, their speciality is COFFEE and SANDWICHES.


There’s always a choice of three different beans/blends, and you can ask for tasting advice. I tend to order a latte (550 yen), which is simply smooth and delicious – and I’ve never had a disappointing coffee flavour. Okada san can also make amazing latte art. Check this out:

雨 ー rain. About two years ago I rolled into Bondi in a giant anorak and received this cutie in my coffee!

The other day, however, I eschewed coffee in favour for health – an acai berry smoothie. And although the price is steep – 700 yen plus tax – it was so refreshing that I actually didn’t pine for caffeine.


Now, my absolute favourite item, however, are the Eggs Benedict. Soft poached egg on lemony avocado puree with bacon on the soft homemade bread. I wish I could justify eating this once a week. Go and enjoy and have no regrets.


Bondi Coffee Sandwiches

Where: 2-22-8 Tomigaya, Shibuya, Tokyo

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